White paper

MovieStar: The new way of cinema

Cryptocurrency at the service of film production and young talent detection

The 7th art is the most sought after activity and practiced by 25.2% of individuals. Cinema has an important place in our lives.

Films make us laugh, cry, evoke love, scare us and make us dream.

But behind this universe lies an industry and its problems. Scripting, talent search, financing, location scouting, promotion…

This document explains the philosophical foundations, the technical bases and the economic mechanisms of MovieStar.


1. Introduction

1.1 Rationale
1.2 History
1.3 Mixing the 2 worlds
1.4 Use cases


2.1 Token overview
2.2 Token allocation
2.3 Token specificities


3.1 Film Financing
3.2 What about marketing?



MovieStar supports film production through its $MVS Token.

In this universe rather unknown to the general public, it participates in the development of new films and the discovery of new talent.

1.1 Rationale

With the emergence of new film viewing platforms and VOD, the number of film projects has increased.

With the multiplication of cinematographic projects linked to the fact that current technologies could allow everyone to create content (more or less scripted).

The search for financing is a problem that many professionals in the sector know.

MovieStar takes advantage of the notoriety and talent of its artistic partner Ange Basterga to offer an innovative and unique financing solution to the entire sector.

1.2 History

The story of MoviesStar begins in early 2021 when two friends : the creator, an entrepreneur,
and Ange Basterga, a French actor, director and screenwriter, discuss with passion the improvements they can bring to the film industry they know well.

Quickly the issues of financing and film production are discussed.
Cryptocurrency is still far from their universe, however after much research on the subject they feel that the solution lies in the creation of a Token.

MVS was born!

1.3 Mixing the 2 worlds

In partnership with the French actor, screenwriter, but also the creator and director of the series DEALER on Netflix (CAÏD for French-speaking countries), MovieStar, becomes the first crypto to finance French cinema.

MovieStar will be used to finance ANGE BASTERGA’s next films as director, and then allow emerging actors to come out of the shadows.

In return, 10% of the profits of the films will be used to reconstitute a portfolio dedicated to the refinancing of his films, which will generate two functions, the first being to give more value to $MVS and thus motivate the holders to keep their positions, but also to self-finance his future films
thanks to the permanent inflation of this very innovative and unique loop system. MovieStar can currently be purchased via pancakeswap, it is an ideal standard token for trading:

MovieStar asks for 0% tax fees to buy and to sell.

Without redistribution which brings nothing to the holders.
Because we know how unpleasant it is to have to pay big % of fees for buying and selling.

Slippage of pancakeswap is 0.1%

MovieStar can integrate all exchange platforms

The LP is locked for 100 years on Unicrypt.

1.4 Use cases

Our ambition to become a major player in the world of film production will not be realized without the full support of our community. We are talking about a long-term project with big ambitions. In real life, you will follow, through our various social networks, the progress of Ange Basterga’s first
film as a producer. In addition, in the credits will appear the term funded by the crypto-currency MovieStar.

We will thus benefit from an unequalled visibility.


2.1 Token overview

TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000
Chain: BEP 20
Fees / rewards: 0
Token Symbol: MVS

2.2 Token allocation

→Unicrypt Wallet 33% locked←

  • 26,1% Wallet for Exchange (id: 3814) Locked for 1 year on Unicrypt
  • 3,9% Wallet Owner (id:3812) Locked for 3 years on Unicrypt
  • 2,9% Wallet Cinema (id:3813) Locked for 3 years on Unicrypt
  • 8,6% Wallet available to be locked on an exchange so that MovieStar is listed quickly
  • 58,5% Liquidity pool & Fairlaunch

2.3 Token specificities

The $MVS is deliberately and entirely trading oriented. This is why we have chosen not to charge any fees either when buying or selling. This is also one of the reasons why we chose the Chain BEP20.

MovieStar asks for 0% tax fees to buy and to sell. It is possible to trade MVS on pancakeswap.
The only fees are the Pancakeswap fees, from 0.1%, it depends only on simultaneous transactions as if the volume increases these will become less expensive

Having a MovieStar Token with no fees or rewards will allow $MVS to be listed on as many exchanges as possible in the near future.

3 – Business model

3.1 Film Financing

Ange BASTERGA’s upcoming film will be funded entirely by MovieStar.

A wallet of 3% of the supply (locked for 3 years on UNICRYPT) has been created for the needs of the film. However it is clear that this one will be used in good intelligence, little by little not to create DIP and kill the Token.

To carry out this operation, a real contract between MovieStar and Ange BASTERGA will be sealed to finance his films.

10% of the profits will be used to buy back MovieStar tokens and thus increase its value and finance the next ones.

3.2 What about marketing?

MovieStar will be launched on August 15th 2021 on the PancakeSwap platform.
The launch will be supported by 2 exclusive videos of Mr. BASTERGA Ange available on MovieStar’s Twitter account.
The website : https://moviestarcrypto.com/
On the MovieStar YOUTUBE channel

In the continuity, the team will make the requests for referencing on CoinGeko and CoinMarket Cap.

Ads on different platforms such as Reddit are being finalized.

In parallel, marketing supports will be created: Tee-shirt, cap with the effigy of MovieStar, the objective will be to take advantage of the notoriety of Ange Basterga to convey our serious and innovative image in the world of cinema and film production during its various public releases.

In the longer term, other big names in French and international cinema will echo the MovieStar project.

Finally, the team imagines all sorts of rewards for the Holders (meeting with our Partner, participating in a shooting session under certain conditions to be defined with the artist…)

Do not hesitate to send us your ideas on contact@moviestarcrypto.com


MovieStar wants to make a name for itself in the world of film production.

This is a long-term project as the process of creating a film is often long (script, casting, location scouting, broadcasters…).

The MovieStar $MVS token is a token intended to be traded.

This is to allow for maximum daily volume. 10% of the profits of the movies will be dedicated to the purchase of $MVS, which will increase its price.

If you want to accelerate the listing on various exchange platforms, we have put at the bottom of the site the address to receive donations in BNB, without minimum value, you can send just $ 1, always in the collective spirit of evolving MovieStar and to support the French cinema.

There are many possibilities, so please let us know your ideas at contact@moviestarcrypto.com and on our telegram channel.